Inner Visions

Inner Visions

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I've collected and photographed countless archways throughout my lifetime.
For some reason I am drawn to the graceful curve and the proper stance 
of this ancient architectural structure.

 This summer, when it was too hot to work in encaustics, I pulled out some acrylics and just had fun painting.  Working without any particular point of reference, I merely wanted to experiment with color, value, and texture; more knife work, less brushwork.

Arches were not my conscious intention, but they did indeed appear in my work.

  What's with the arches?

"An arch is a structure capable of spanning a space while supporting significant weight."  - Wikipedia

Symbolically, an arch is a gateway - a doorway- to something beyond it; 
a passageway.

Psychologically, arches can signify a period of transition;
 a passage from where one moves to another place."

Fascinating!.. considering the purchase of our new 'urban cabin' for summers in Minnesota and the transition we find ourselves in as Will approaches retirement.

When you allow your subconscious to do the painting, what shows up on your canvas?

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